Intrust Risk Mitigators was built on the back of TBTS which was founded in 1995 by Sean Norris.  TBTS was one of the groundbreaking companies in event protection and sport protection. In 2008 Intrust Risk Mitigators was birthed with the same core values TBTS was found on except with a new Vision. Sean Norris stepped down as Director of Operations and handed the reins to his predecessors.

In 2014 Sean Norris was appointed as the Security consultant for the International Cricket Counsel and various other Sports and Government agencies. Intrust Risk Mitigators has queried Sean Norris' services as an Executive Security Consultant.
Intrust Risk Mitigators is built on trust, integrity and strong core value system striving to provide World Class Comprehensive Security, Liaison and Risk Management Solutions. 

Intrust Risk Mitigators and TBTS combined the years of expertise gained in the fields of commercial intelligence, Risk Mitigation, Personal protection and Event/Sport protection for the most comprehensive security solution available.

Intrust Risk Management has established itself in the security industry, both local and international,  as a security solution provider with the capacity to facilitate implementation of security measures in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, United Kingdom and Africa.

Intrust Risk Mitigators has an extensive track record for successfully completed major international and local events as well as high profile assignments.